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HASTHI is a GNU RAD tool that supports most of the major and critical activities of the object oriented software development .
Umanga & me started this project as our 3rd year group project.after comppleting the project successfuly we deside to contniue as a FOSS project on Sourceforge.check out latest NEWS about Hathi and download it




The Woden is a Apache Web service Project to develop a Java class library for reading, manipulating, creating and writing WSDL documents, initially to support WSDL 2.0 but with the longer term aim of supporting past, present and future versions of WSDL.




his is my final year reserch project. main objective of ths was to Develop an architecture and design methodology to model any standard RDBMS server as an XML-RPC based web service and extend these concepts to develop a new architectural design for high performance and loosely coupled distributed databases systems


HI all! Welcome to my home @ cyber space. I am running this site as one of my hobby. Browsing these pages you can take an idea about me and my works, how I spend my days.

Currently i'am working as a software engineer. I love my career because this is what I wanted to be!

My first interest is FOSS and JAVA ,most hours of the day I spend with java ,,,I 'm not just a technical guy I watch cricket and movies and I want to be a good photographer .



(12.08.2006)    My Blog
I Have started to write blog
(20.01.2006)    ORM techniques used in Hasthi
ORM techniques used in Hasthi when we develop the HASTHI we went through techniques used in several existing ORM tool including Hibernate ,OJB .this week I could find the time to write a complete description about ORM technique used in HASTHI RAD tool .I believe it may useful to any one who interested in ORM and related area.
(27.01.2006)    Intellectual property and creativity!!

       Accidentally I found a web page with a nice story, he is a popular and creative Skin designer. They distribute these skins through the Internet truly. If you are Windows user may be you already used them, VistaXP is one of the most popular one..
       After became more popular, M$ people contacted this guy and ask him to remove the skin from all the website where it is available .In his own words Sorry everyone but no more updates or download links to VistaXP and please do not redistribute the skin
       You can read whole story or visit his's journal This is good point to discuss about how IP affect to individual human creativity


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